Finding the complexity in the simple.

Welcome to Fiala Food; where food, dining, service and hospitality are the priorities.  Fiala Food has a portfolio of two restaurants:  The Crossing in Clayton and ACERO in Maplewood.  In each, the emphasis is on local, farm fresh ingredients, prepared passsionately by talented chefs and influenced by our shared experience with masters of French and Italian cuisine.

Every day, in both restaurants, we strive to find the complexity in the simple; we want our guests to enjoy the nuance of the ingredient’s natural flavors as they’re inventively combined and prepared.

We are committed to meet your high expectations by procuring only the finest ingredients; vegetables, produce, fruit, dairy, meat, seafood – all are selected after rigorous evaluation.

With the belief that dining is a journey to new experience, we are pioneers and advocates of the tasting menu.  Enjoy tastings from 4- to 7-courses and allow us to indulge you with the joy of course-to-course anticipation.

On behalf of our dedicated staff, I thank you for your consideration, welcome you to our restaurants, and look forward to your complete satisfaction.

Best regards,

Jimmy Fiala